Our Equipment

We use exclusively BOSE equipment – Our sound systems are composed of professional BOSE sound products. BOSE is known for their revolutionary way to make amazing sound come from incredibly small speakers. Our speakers look elegant, not old and rugged. They where designed to create an appearance of class, one that we can offer to you for your event. Combine this with digital sound from laptop computers operating the latest DJ Software and you will truely be amazed at by what you hear.

You’ve spent all your valuable time and money to decorate your venue. Then you have your DJ come in with big ugly speakers on a gaudy stand and a cluttered table full of wires, cards, a fan and banners with so much equipment that takes up dance floor space. Your guests arrive at your beautifully decorated chosen venue and are blown away by the background music being so loud that it *vibrates the dishes off the tables* *(as seen on TLC’s Four Weddings).
Not with us!
Also, have you ever been to an event where the DJ is so loud that there is a 10ft. sonic sound barrier between his speakers and the dance floor crowd? Your ears cringe from the hideous highs and mids. That’s what happens when you have cheap gear. DJs with conventional speakers tend to turn it up loud to get sound to the back of the room so everyone can hear it. Unfortunately this causes the music to be so loud that it can hurt your guests ears and generally results in complaints about volume levels. At the same time the louder the volume the less clear the sound will be.  At our events we never get a complaint on sound. As you read about the Bose system below, you will find that the sound from this set up is as pleasant from the ears to the eyes, from the speaker grille to the back of the venue. We don’t have to “CRANK UP” the volume at the front of a room to get it to the back. Ask any DJ, it’s Murphy’s Law that your older guests always sit right in front of the DJ’s speakers. With the Bose L1 system, there’s no worry of that anymore. They sit there and enjoy the sounds of Bose and hear things in music that they never knew were there before,
and you will too!

What does this mean for you and your guests?

You no longer have to worry about choosing many confusing sound packages to accommodate your number of guests. Just one system provides enough sound for up to 400 people, two systems up to 1200 people. Our set up is nice and clean and not cluttered. What every wedding event should be. The ground breaking L1 system brings a new look, a new sound, a new philosophy to audio technology and most importantly, to your event. There isn’t a better clear sounding system available for djs on the market today.

The first thing you notice is that the Bose L1 system looks like no ordinary speaker….because it isn’t. Conventional sound systems consist of two or more boxy speakers that project sound very loudly directly in front of the speakers and then drops off dramatically as you move away from them. Very few DJ companies use the Bose L1 system. It’s an expensive and phenomenal sounding system. But the DJs or DJ companies that really care about sound quality, their clients needs and providing the very best will have this system.

Is your DJ using an award winning sound system?

Bose….”There Is A Difference”