Mardi Gras Second Line Parade

            “Everyone loves a parade”… and New Orleans is the home of parades!   It is one of the most memorable events that you and your guests will experience during your trip to the Crescent City.   The lights and the sirens of the New Orleans Police cars excite the guests as their hearts pound to the drums of the marching band.  The VIP service you receive as the streets close just for your group is second to none.   Whether your parade is inside a hotel ballroom, or out on the streets, it is a treat for all.   Check out our Package Add-on Page for more details and Videos!

What goes into planning a second line parade?

There a few necessary elements that you need in order to put together any street parade.  These are the key elements that are a “must” for every second line parade.   Ooh La La Music Company will do all the work for you.  Without these essential items, it wouldn’t be considered a parade in New Orleans.  These must have items include the following
1. Parade Planner:

Includes required City Permit, route planning, & (1) on-site coordinator for parade

2. Police Escorts:

Minimum of 3 police escorts are required for groups of up to 300 people (including talent). Additional escorts are needed for groups over 300.

3. Brass Bands:

Nothing matches the energy of a New Orleans brass band.  The band is lead by a Grand Marshall who carries a decorative fan and/or umbrella.  He wears a sash with the name of the brass band and he leads the band as he dances his second line style.  He is followed by a six-piece band that includes horns and percussion.  They play traditional New Orleans songs such as “Bourbon Street Parade” and “When the Saints Go Marching In.”