Pricing Information

Ooh La La Music Company has what you want: a GREAT DJ at a GREAT Price!   

We don’t understand why many DJ’s won’t publish their prices..?
At Ooh La La Music Company, we don’t like to hide anything and we don’t inflate our prices based on venue, your ethnicity or anything else. We are upfront and honest and you can expect the same honesty in anything that involves us for your event.

Please don’t forget to visit our BLOG for various photos of our setup’s at specific venues!

So that we can be transparent we would like to disclose some assumptions:

1. No time is charged for setup and take down – our contract time starts when we play the first song until the last song.

2. Because of limited free parking  and security situations of our gear and DJ’s in the French Quarter and CBD, we may have to charge a small fee to cover the cost of paid parking.  ** Not to Exceed $25

3. Some venues may require us to provide specific liability insurance with the Venue named on the policy.  If this is required, then a small fee may be required.  ** Not to exceed $25

4. You may extend the contract during the reception, however it will be between the you and the DJ as to the availability and the price to stay.  Please try to confirm prior to the event to guarantee the rate of $50 per each 30 mins.

5. Tips are never expected but always appreciated if you like our services.

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